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History of INC

Before 1885

  • Association of Landholders: Landholders Society (1837), Bengal British India Society (1843). In 1851, the two were merged to form the British Indian Association.
  • Bombay Association and Madras Native Association Were established in 1852. They sent petitions suggesting changes in EIC’s charter to end company’s monopoly of salt and indigo.
  • Associations like Poona Sarvjanik Sabha were established to promote reform and political consciousness.
  • 1876— Indian Association was founded in Calcutta by Surendranath Banerjee, & Anand mohan Bose Madras
  • Mahajan Sabha and Bombay Presidency Association were established in 1884.
  • In December 1883, the Indian Association of Surendra Nath Bannerjee& Anand mohan Bose decided to invite prominent public men and associations to discuss questions of general concern. This was referred to as the National Conference (in 1883) and is described as the ‘dress rehearsal’ for the IndianNational Congress (INC).
  • National Conference & Indian National Union (by A.O Hume in 1884) merged to form the Indian National Congress in 1885


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