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Jurisdiction of High Court

Jurisdiction of High Court

  • Court of record & has power to punish for its contempt.
  • Under Article 226, the High Courts are given powers of issuing writs for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights and for other purposes. The jurisdiction to issue writs under this Article is larger for High Courts as compared to the Supreme Court because whereas the Supreme Court can issue them only where a Fundamental Right has been infringed, a High Court can issue them not only in such cases but also where an ordinary legal right has been infringed.
  • Supervises the working of all subordinate courts & frames rules & regulations for the transaction of business. It can examine the records of subordinate courts.

Subordinate Courts

Judiciary in States consists of a High Court and subordinate courts. The organization of the Subordinate Courts throughout the country is generally uniform.

There are two types of law courts in every district – Civil and Criminal Courts. They function under the superintendence and control of the High Court of that particular state.

The highest civil court in a district is the court of the District Judge. The court decides civil and criminal cases. When the judge decides civil cases, he is called the District Judge and when he deals with the Criminal Cases, he is called the Session Judge.

The District Judge is appointed by the Governor in consultation with the Chief Justice of the High Court. He hears the appeals against the decision of the sub – judges.

Besides the District Court, there are courts of sub – judges, munsiff courts and courts of small causes. Below the Session Courts are the courts of First Class Magistrates.

In Metropolitan cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi, these Magistrates are known as Metropolitan Magistrates. Apart from this, there are courts of Second Class and Third Class Magistrates also.


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